Class WDropEvent


public class WDropEvent
extends java.lang.Object
A class providing details for a drop event.

See Also:
WWidget.dropEvent(WDropEvent event)
  • Constructor Details

    • WDropEvent

      public WDropEvent​(WObject source, java.lang.String mimeType, WMouseEvent mouseEvent)
    • WDropEvent

      public WDropEvent​(WObject source, java.lang.String mimeType, WTouchEvent touchEvent)
  • Method Details

    • getSource

      public WObject getSource()
      Returns the source of the drag&drop operation.

      The source is the widget that was set draggable using WInteractWidget#setDraggable().

    • getMimeType

      public java.lang.String getMimeType()
      Returns the mime type of this drop event.
    • getMouseEvent

      public WMouseEvent getMouseEvent()
      Returns the original mouse event.

      If eventType() == MouseEvent, this returns the original mouse event, otherwise this returns null.

    • getTouchEvent

      public WTouchEvent getTouchEvent()
      Returns the original touch event.

      If eventType() == TouchEvent, this returns the original touch event, otherwise this returns null.

    • getOriginalEventType

      public WDropEvent.OriginalEventType getOriginalEventType()
      Returns the type of the original event.