Class WScrollArea

public class WScrollArea
extends WWebWidget
A widget that adds scrolling capabilities to its content.

Use a WScrollArea to add scrolling capabilities to another widget. When the content is bigger than the WScrollArea, scrollbars are added so that the user can still view the entire content.

Use setScrollBarPolicy() to configure if and when the scrollbars may appear.

In many cases, it might be easier to use the CSS overflow property on a WContainerWidget (see WContainerWidget#setOverflow()). However, this class will behave better when used inside a layout manager: in that case it will make sure horizontal scrolling works properly, since otherwise the layout manager would overflow rather than scrollbars appear.


This widget is rendered using a <div> with a CSS overflow attribute. When in a layout manager it is positioned absolutely. It can be styled using inline or external CSS as appropriate.