Class EmailTokenResult


public class EmailTokenResult
extends java.lang.Object
The result of processing an email-sent token.

An email token can be used for two purposes:

  • the user needs to verify his email address by returning a token sent to his supplied email address.
  • the user indicates that he lost his email and wants to prove his identity by acknowledging an email to a previously verified email account.

See Also:
AuthService.processEmailToken(String token, AbstractUserDatabase users), AuthService.verifyEmailAddress(User user, String address), AuthService.lostPassword(String emailAddress, AbstractUserDatabase users)
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getResult

      public EmailTokenResult.Result getResult()
      Returns the result.
    • getUser

      public User getUser()
      Returns the user, if any.

      The identified user is only valid when the token result is UpdatePassword or EmailConfirmed. In that case, you may login the user as strongly authenticated since he presented a random token that was sent to his own email address.