Class GoogleService


public class GoogleService
extends OidcService
OAuth service for Google as third-party authenticator.

The configuration of the service is done using properties, whose values need to match the values configured at Google.

  • google-oauth2-redirect-endpoint: the URL of the local redirect endpoint, to which the google OAuth service redirects the user after authentication. See also OidcService.getRedirectEndpoint()
  • google-oauth2-redirect-endpoint-path: optionally, the deployment path that corresponds to the redirect endpoint. See also getRedirectEndpointPath()
  • google-oauth2-client-id: The client ID
  • google-oauth2-client-secret: The client secret.

For example:

 <property name="google-oauth2-redirect-endpoint">
 <property name="google-oauth2-client-id">
 <property name="google-oauth2-client-secret">


Like all service classes, this class holds only configuration state. Thus, once configured, it can be safely shared between multiple sessions since its state (the configuration) is read-only.

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