Class WGoogleMap.Coordinate

Enclosing class:

public static class WGoogleMap.Coordinate extends Object
A geographical coordinate (latitude/longitude)
  • Constructor Details

    • Coordinate

      public Coordinate()
      Default constructor.
    • Coordinate

      public Coordinate(double lat, double lon)
      Creates with given latitude and longitude.
  • Method Details

    • setLatitude

      public void setLatitude(double latitude)
      Sets the latitude.
    • setLongitude

      public void setLongitude(double longitude)
      Sets the longitude.
    • getLatitude

      public double getLatitude()
      Returns the latitude.
    • getLongitude

      public double getLongitude()
      Returns the longitude.
    • distanceTo

      public double distanceTo(WGoogleMap.Coordinate rhs)
      Calculates the distance between two points in km (approximate).

      The calculation uses a sphere. Results can be out by 0.3%.