Class WItemSelectionModel


public class WItemSelectionModel extends WObject
A class that represents a selection for a WAbstractItemView.

This model is currently only used by WTreeView, and plays only a role in drag & drop of an item selection.

When an item selection is dragged from a view widget, the generated drop events will have as source object (see WDropEvent.getSource()) this selection model.

Although this class does not (yet) allow you to modify the selection, note that manipulations to the model may modify the selection (row insertions and removals may shift the selection, and row deletions may shrink the selection).

Note: Currently this class cannot be shared between multiple views.

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  • Method Details

    • getModel

      public WAbstractItemModel getModel()
      Returns the WAbstractItemModel.
    • getSelectedIndexes

      public SortedSet<WModelIndex> getSelectedIndexes()
      Returns the set of selected items.

      The model indexes are returned as a set, topologically ordered (in the order they appear in the view).

      When selection operates on rows (SelectionBehavior.Rows), this method only returns the model index of first column's element of the selected rows.

    • isSelected

      public boolean isSelected(WModelIndex index)
      Returns wheter an item is selected.

      When selection operates on rows (SelectionBehavior.Rows), this method returns true for each element in a selected row.

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    • setSelectionBehavior

      public void setSelectionBehavior(SelectionBehavior behavior)
      Sets the selection behaviour.

      By default, the selection contains rows (SelectionBehavior.Rows), in which case model indexes will always be have column 0, but represent the whole row.

      Alternatively, you can allow selection for individual items (SelectionBehavior.Items).

    • getSelectionBehavior

      public SelectionBehavior getSelectionBehavior()
      Returns the selection behaviour.

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    • getMimeType

      public String getMimeType()
      Returns the selection mime type.

      This should return the mime type for the current selection, or an emtpy string if the selection cannot be dragged.

      The default implementation returns the mime type based on ItemDataRole.MimeType data if all selected items indicate the same mime type, or the model getMimeType() otherwise.

      If one or more items indicate that they cannot be dragged, then an empty string is returned.