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Wt::Auth::Dbo::AuthToken< AuthInfoType > Class Template Reference

A default implementation for an authentication token in Wt::Dbo. More...

#include <Wt/Auth/Dbo/AuthInfo>

Inheritance diagram for Wt::Auth::Dbo::AuthToken< AuthInfoType >:
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Public Member Functions

 AuthToken ()
 Default constructor.
 AuthToken (const std::string &value, const Wt::WDateTime &expires)
Wt::Dbo::ptr< AuthInfoType > authInfo () const
 Returns the token owner.
const std::string & value () const
 Returns the token value.
void setValue (const std::string &value)
 Sets the token value.
const Wt::WDateTimeexpires () const
 Returns the token expiry date.
template<class Action >
void persist (Action &a)
 Wt::Dbo persist implementation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Wt::Dbo::Dbo< AuthToken< AuthInfoType > >
 Dbo ()
 Dbo (const Dbo< AuthToken< AuthInfoType > > &other)
 Copy constructor.
dbo_traits< AuthToken
< AuthInfoType > >::IdType 
id () const
 Returns the database id. More...
Sessionsession () const
 Returns the session. More...
void setDirty ()
 Marks the object as modified. More...
ptr< AuthToken< AuthInfoType > > self () const
 Returns a dbo::ptr to this object. More...

Detailed Description

template<class AuthInfoType>
class Wt::Auth::Dbo::AuthToken< AuthInfoType >

A default implementation for an authentication token in Wt::Dbo.

This class is used by AuthInfo, and stores authentication tokens.

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