Class WTabWidget

public class WTabWidget
extends WCompositeWidget
A widget that organizes contents in tab panes.

This widget combines a horizontal WMenu with a WStackedWidget, and a tab-like look.

A tab widget will place the tab bar on top of the contents, and fit the contents below it.

Usage example:

 WTabWidget examples = new WTabWidget(this);

 examples.addTab(helloWorldExample(), "Hello World");
 examples.addTab(chartExample(), "Charts");
 examples.addTab(new WText("A WText"), "WText");

 examples.currentChanged().addListener(this, new Signal.Listener(){
 public void trigger() {
 //custom code



The tab widget is styled by the current CSS theme.

An example WTabWidget (default)

An example WTabWidget (polished)