Class WValidationStatus


public class WValidationStatus
extends WCompositeWidget
Since JWt 3.1.1, validation is handled directly on WFormWidget subclasses.
A widget that keeps track of the validation status of a form widget.

Since JWt 2.1.3, all standard validators provide client-side validation and this is reflected in the form widget using the style class "Wt-invalid" when the validator returns not State#Valid. Therefore, it is unlikely you will need this class anymore.

Use a WValidationStatus widget to act to changes in validation of a WFormWidget. The widget may show visual feed-back of the validation state of the input.

Visual feed-back may be given by showing an invalidStateWidget when input is invalid, an invalidEmptyStateWidget when the input is invalid because mandatory and empty, or a validStateWidget when input is valid. All of these widgets may be 0, indicating that no widget will be shown for the corresponding state.

When validation state changes from invalid to valid, or from valid to invalid, the widget emits the validated signal. This may be used to for example enable or disable a button.