Enum Class Property

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<Property>, Constable

public enum Property extends Enum<Property>
Enumeration for a DOM property.

This is an internal API, subject to change.

  • Enum Constant Details

    • InnerHTML

      public static final Property InnerHTML
    • AddedInnerHTML

      public static final Property AddedInnerHTML
    • Value

      public static final Property Value
    • Disabled

      public static final Property Disabled
    • Checked

      public static final Property Checked
    • Selected

      public static final Property Selected
    • SelectedIndex

      public static final Property SelectedIndex
    • Multiple

      public static final Property Multiple
    • Target

      public static final Property Target
    • Download

      public static final Property Download
    • Indeterminate

      public static final Property Indeterminate
    • Src

      public static final Property Src
    • ColSpan

      public static final Property ColSpan
    • RowSpan

      public static final Property RowSpan
    • ReadOnly

      public static final Property ReadOnly
    • TabIndex

      public static final Property TabIndex
    • Label

      public static final Property Label
    • Class

      public static final Property Class
    • Placeholder

      public static final Property Placeholder
    • Style

      public static final Property Style
    • StyleWidthExpression

      public static final Property StyleWidthExpression
    • StylePosition

      public static final Property StylePosition
    • StyleZIndex

      public static final Property StyleZIndex
    • StyleFloat

      public static final Property StyleFloat
    • StyleClear

      public static final Property StyleClear
    • StyleWidth

      public static final Property StyleWidth
    • StyleHeight

      public static final Property StyleHeight
    • StyleLineHeight

      public static final Property StyleLineHeight
    • StyleMinWidth

      public static final Property StyleMinWidth
    • StyleMinHeight

      public static final Property StyleMinHeight
    • StyleMaxWidth

      public static final Property StyleMaxWidth
    • StyleMaxHeight

      public static final Property StyleMaxHeight
    • StyleLeft

      public static final Property StyleLeft
    • StyleRight

      public static final Property StyleRight
    • StyleTop

      public static final Property StyleTop
    • StyleBottom

      public static final Property StyleBottom
    • StyleVerticalAlign

      public static final Property StyleVerticalAlign
    • StyleTextAlign

      public static final Property StyleTextAlign
    • StylePadding

      public static final Property StylePadding
    • StylePaddingTop

      public static final Property StylePaddingTop
    • StylePaddingRight

      public static final Property StylePaddingRight
    • StylePaddingBottom

      public static final Property StylePaddingBottom
    • StylePaddingLeft

      public static final Property StylePaddingLeft
    • StyleMargin

      public static final Property StyleMargin
    • StyleMarginTop

      public static final Property StyleMarginTop
    • StyleMarginRight

      public static final Property StyleMarginRight
    • StyleMarginBottom

      public static final Property StyleMarginBottom
    • StyleMarginLeft

      public static final Property StyleMarginLeft
    • StyleCursor

      public static final Property StyleCursor
    • StyleBorderTop

      public static final Property StyleBorderTop
    • StyleBorderRight

      public static final Property StyleBorderRight
    • StyleBorderBottom

      public static final Property StyleBorderBottom
    • StyleBorderLeft

      public static final Property StyleBorderLeft
    • StyleBorderColorTop

      public static final Property StyleBorderColorTop
    • StyleBorderColorRight

      public static final Property StyleBorderColorRight
    • StyleBorderColorBottom

      public static final Property StyleBorderColorBottom
    • StyleBorderColorLeft

      public static final Property StyleBorderColorLeft
    • StyleBorderWidthTop

      public static final Property StyleBorderWidthTop
    • StyleBorderWidthRight

      public static final Property StyleBorderWidthRight
    • StyleBorderWidthBottom

      public static final Property StyleBorderWidthBottom
    • StyleBorderWidthLeft

      public static final Property StyleBorderWidthLeft
    • StyleColor

      public static final Property StyleColor
    • StyleOverflowX

      public static final Property StyleOverflowX
    • StyleOverflowY

      public static final Property StyleOverflowY
    • StyleOpacity

      public static final Property StyleOpacity
    • StyleFontFamily

      public static final Property StyleFontFamily
    • StyleFontStyle

      public static final Property StyleFontStyle
    • StyleFontVariant

      public static final Property StyleFontVariant
    • StyleFontWeight

      public static final Property StyleFontWeight
    • StyleFontSize

      public static final Property StyleFontSize
    • StyleBackgroundColor

      public static final Property StyleBackgroundColor
    • StyleBackgroundImage

      public static final Property StyleBackgroundImage
    • StyleBackgroundRepeat

      public static final Property StyleBackgroundRepeat
    • StyleBackgroundAttachment

      public static final Property StyleBackgroundAttachment
    • StyleBackgroundPosition

      public static final Property StyleBackgroundPosition
    • StyleTextDecoration

      public static final Property StyleTextDecoration
    • StyleWhiteSpace

      public static final Property StyleWhiteSpace
    • StyleTableLayout

      public static final Property StyleTableLayout
    • StyleBorderSpacing

      public static final Property StyleBorderSpacing
    • StyleBorderCollapse

      public static final Property StyleBorderCollapse
    • StylePageBreakBefore

      public static final Property StylePageBreakBefore
    • StylePageBreakAfter

      public static final Property StylePageBreakAfter
    • StyleZoom

      public static final Property StyleZoom
    • StyleVisibility

      public static final Property StyleVisibility
    • StyleDisplay

      public static final Property StyleDisplay
    • StyleBoxSizing

      public static final Property StyleBoxSizing
    • StyleFlex

      public static final Property StyleFlex
    • StyleFlexFlow

      public static final Property StyleFlexFlow
    • StyleAlignSelf

      public static final Property StyleAlignSelf
    • StyleJustifyContent

      public static final Property StyleJustifyContent
    • LastPlusOne

      public static final Property LastPlusOne
  • Method Details

    • values

      public static Property[] values()
      Returns an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared.
      an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared
    • valueOf

      public static Property valueOf(String name)
      Returns the enum constant of this class with the specified name. The string must match exactly an identifier used to declare an enum constant in this class. (Extraneous whitespace characters are not permitted.)
      name - the name of the enum constant to be returned.
      the enum constant with the specified name
      IllegalArgumentException - if this enum class has no constant with the specified name
      NullPointerException - if the argument is null
    • getValue

      public int getValue()
      Returns the numerical representation of this enum.