Wt  4.10.4
Deprecated List
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::maxZoom () const
Use minimumZoomRange() instead
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::minZoom () const
Use maximumZoomRange() instead
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::pan () const
Use zoomMinimum() instead.
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::setMaxZoom (double maxZoom)
Use setMinimumZoomRange(double) instead
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::setMinZoom (double minZoom)
Use setMaximumZoomRange(double) instead
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::setPan (double pan)
Use setZoomRange() instead.
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::setZoom (double zoom)
Use setZoomRange() instead.
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::zoom () const
Use zoomMinimum() and zoomMaximum() instead.
Member Wt::Chart::WCartesianChart::setFollowCurve (int modelColumn)
Use setFollowCurve(const WDataSeries*) instead
Member Wt::WAbstractItemView::setDropsEnabled (bool enable)
Use setEnabledDropLocations() instead. This method now enables DropLocation::OnItem.
Member Wt::WAbstractItemView::touchStart ()
Use touchStarted() instead.
Member Wt::WApplication::customJQuery () const
Wt no longer loads jQuery by default, making the use of requireJQuery() and thus customJQuery() obsolete.
Member Wt::WApplication::removeCookie (const std::string &name, const std::string &domain="", const std::string &path="")
Use removeCookie(const Http::Cookie&) instead.
Member Wt::WApplication::requireJQuery (const std::string &url)
Wt no longer loads jQuery by default, making a separate requireJQuery() function unnecessary, use require() instead
Member Wt::WApplication::setCookie (const std::string &name, const std::string &value, int maxAge, const std::string &domain="", const std::string &path="", bool secure=false)
Use setCookie(const Http::Cookie&) instead.
Class Wt::WBootstrapTheme
WBootstrapTheme is deprecated. Use one of the concrete versioned Bootstrap theme classes instead, like WBootstrap2Theme and WBootstrap3Theme.
Class Wt::WDatePicker
The date picker is deprecated in favor of WDateEdit
Member Wt::WFileDropWidget::setHoverStyleClass (const std::string &className)
Override the css rule '.Wt-filedropzone.Wt-dropzone-hover' instead.
Member Wt::WServer::addResource (WResource *resource, const std::string &path)
Use addResource(const std::shared_ptr<WResource>&, const std::string&) instead.