Wt  4.8.1
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Wt::Auth::Saml::Subject Struct Reference

A SAML Subject (saml-core-2.0-os, section 2.4.1) More...

#include <Wt/Auth/Saml/Assertion.h>

Public Attributes

std::string id
 The id of the subject. More...

Detailed Description

A SAML Subject (saml-core-2.0-os, section 2.4.1)

This represents a single <Subject> element in a SAML assertion.

Member Data Documentation

◆ id

std::string Wt::Auth::Saml::Subject::id

The id of the subject.

This corresponds to the <NameID> element in a SAML assertion, or the decrypted <EncryptedID>.

This is an empty string if absent.

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