Wt  3.7.1
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Wt::Http::Request::ByteRangeSpecifier Class Reference

A byte range specifier. More...

Inherits std::vector< T >.

Public Member Functions

 ByteRangeSpecifier ()
 Creates an empty byte range specifier. More...
bool isSatisfiable () const
 Returns whether the range is satisfiable. More...
void setSatisfiable (bool satisfiable)
 Sets whether the specifier is satisfiable.

Detailed Description

A byte range specifier.

See also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ByteRangeSpecifier()

Wt::Http::Request::ByteRangeSpecifier::ByteRangeSpecifier ( )

Creates an empty byte range specifier.

The specifier is satisfiable but empty, indicating that no ranges were present.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isSatisfiable()

bool Wt::Http::Request::ByteRangeSpecifier::isSatisfiable ( ) const

Returns whether the range is satisfiable.

If the range specification is not satisfiable, RFC 2616 states you should return a response status of 416. isSatisfiable() will return true if a Range header was missing or a syntax error occured, in which case the number of ByteRanges will be zero and the client must send the entire file.

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