Class WDeferred<T extends WWidget>

public class WDeferred<T extends WWidget> extends WContainerWidget
  • Constructor Details

    • WDeferred

      public WDeferred(Class<T> cl, Object... parameterValues)
  • Method Details

    • load

      public void load()
      Description copied from class: WWidget
      Loads content just before the widget is used.

      This method is called after a widget is inserted in the widget hierarchy and fully constructed, but before the widget is rendered. Widgets that get inserted in the widget hierarchy will be rendered. Visible widgets are rendered immediately, and invisible widgets in the back-ground (or not for a plain HTML session). This method is called when the widget is directly or indirectly inserted into the widget tree.

      The default implementation simply propagates the load signal to its children. You may want to override this method to delay loading of resource-intensive contents.

      During the life-time of a widget, this method may be called multiple times, so you should make sure that you do a deferred initializiation only once.

      load in class WInteractWidget