Class WLink


public class WLink extends Object
A value class that defines a hyperlink target.

This class abstracts a link target. Depending on the context, it may reference a URL, a dynamic resource, or (for certain usages) an internal path.

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  • Method Details

    • getType

      public LinkType getType()
      Returns the link type.

      The type is implicitly set depending on the constructor or after calling setUrl(), setResource() or setInternalPath().

      The default type for a null link is LinkType.Url.

    • isNull

      public boolean isNull()
      Returns whether the link is unspecified.

      A null link is a link created using the default constructor and points to nowhere.

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    • setUrl

      public void setUrl(String url)
      Sets the link URL.

      This sets the type to LinkType.Url.

    • getUrl

      public String getUrl()
      Returns the link URL.

      The return value is the URL set by setUrl(), the resource URL of the resource set using setResource(), or the canonical URL of an internal path within the current application context.

    • setResource

      public void setResource(WResource resource)
      Sets the link resource.

      This sets the type to LinkType.Resource.

    • getResource

      public WResource getResource()
      Returns the link resource.

      This returns the resource previously set using setResource(), or null.

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    • setInternalPath

      public void setInternalPath(String internalPath)
      Sets the link internal path.

      This points the link to the given internal path.

    • getInternalPath

      public String getInternalPath()
      Returns the internal path.

      This returns the internal path perviously set using setInternalPath(), or an empty string otherwise.

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    • setTarget

      public void setTarget(LinkTarget target)
      Sets the location where the linked content should be displayed.

      By default, the linked content is displayed in the application (LinkTarget.Self). When the destination is an HTML document, the application is replaced with the new document. When the link is to a document that cannot be displayed in the browser, it is offered for download or opened using an external program, depending on browser settings.

      By setting target to LinkTarget.NewWindow, the destination is displayed in a new browser window or tab.

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    • getTarget

      public LinkTarget getTarget()
      Returns the location where the linked content should be displayed.

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    • equals

      public boolean equals(WLink other)
      Indicates whether some other object is "equal to" this one.