Class WTableCell

public class WTableCell extends WContainerWidget
A container widget that represents a cell in a table.

A WTable provides a table of WTableCell container widgets. A WTableCell may overspan more than one grid location in the table, by specifying a rowSpan and columnSpan . Table cells at overspanned positions are hidden. You cannot directly create a WTableCell, instead, they are created automatically by a table.

A WTableCell acts as any other WContainerWidget, except that both the vertical and horizontal alignment of contents may be specified by WContainerWidget#setContentAlignment().


The widget corresponds to the HTML <td> or <th> tag, depending on whether the cell is a plain cell or a header cell. The widget does not provide styling, and can be styled using inline or external CSS as appropriate.

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  • Constructor Details

    • WTableCell

      public WTableCell()
      Create a table cell.
  • Method Details

    • setRowSpan

      public void setRowSpan(int rowSpan)
      Sets the row span.

      The row span indicates how many table rows this WTableCell overspans. By default, a WTableCell has a row span of 1, only occupying its own grid cell. A row span greater than 1 indicates that table cells below this one are overspanned.

    • getRowSpan

      public int getRowSpan()
      Returns the row span.

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    • setColumnSpan

      public void setColumnSpan(int colSpan)
      Sets the column span.

      The column span indicates how many table columns this WTableCell overspans. By default, a WTableCell has a column span of 1, only occupying its own grid cell. A column span greater than 1 indicates that table cells to the right of this one are overspanned.

    • getColumnSpan

      public int getColumnSpan()
      Returns the column span.

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    • getRow

      public int getRow()
      Returns the row index of this cell.
    • getColumn

      public int getColumn()
      Returns the column index of this cell.
    • getTable

      public WTable getTable()
      Returns the table containing this cell.
    • getTableRow

      public WTableRow getTableRow()
      Returns the table row containing this cell.
    • getTableColumn

      public WTableColumn getTableColumn()
      Returns the table column containing this cell.
    • isVisible

      public boolean isVisible()
      Description copied from class: WWidget
      Returns whether the widget is visible.

      A widget is visible if it is not hidden, and none of its ancestors are hidden. This method returns the true visibility, while isHidden() returns whether a widget has been explicitly hidden.

      Note that a widget may be at the same time not hidden, and not visible, in case one of its ancestors was hidden.

      isVisible in class WWebWidget
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