Class WCartesian3DChart

public class WCartesian3DChart extends WGLWidget
A 3D Cartesian chart.

The chart consists of a plotcube, which is always open on the front, and adapts to the data which is shown on the chart. The plotcube has three axes of type WAxis. Each of these can be manually configured as in the 2D case. The chart can be either a ChartType.Scatter or a ChartType.Category. This influences how the data is positioned in relation to the x/y-axis. Gridlines can also be drawn on each of the plotcube-planes. The chart has a mouse-handler which allows rotation of the chart around the center of the plotcube. Zooming in and out is possible by scrolling.

Data that can be shown on the chart derives from WAbstractDataSeries3D. Multiple dataseries can be added to the chart using addDataSeries(). The color of the dataseries is by default determined by the colors of the WChartPalette. This way a separate color is assigned to each new dataseries. All rendering logic of the data is contained in the dataseries-classes and further styling is often possible there. For example, a WAbstractColorMap can be added to a dataseries, which will assign a color to datapoints based on their z-value. More information on this is found in the documentation of WAbstractDataSeries3D.

It is possible to assign a title to the chart. A legend can also be shown that lists the titles of all dataseries (unless disabled in the dataseries itself). The legend position and style can be configured. In addition to title and legend, a colormap-legend is shown for every dataseries which has a colormap enabled and indicates that it should be displayed on the chart.

A scatterplot on the left, a category-chart on the right.