Class WAbstractGridData

Direct Known Subclasses:
WEquidistantGridData, WGridData

public abstract class WAbstractGridData extends WAbstractDataSeries3D
Class representing grid-based data for on a 3D chart.

General information can be found at WAbstractDataSeries3D. Information on how the model is structured is provided in the subclasses. GridData can be represented in three ways. This is indicated by Series3DType and can be either Series3DType.Point, Series3DType.Surface or Series3DType.Bar. Note that points and surfaces can only be added to charts of type ChartType.Scatter, while bars can only be added to charts of type ChartType.Category.

When the data is shown as a surface, a mesh can be added to the surface. This draws lines over the surface at the positions of the x- and y-values. For bar-series data, it is possible to adjust the width of the bars in both directions.

The three types of data-representation are illustrated below.

The three representation types of grid-based data