Wt  4.10.4
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Dbo Forms (Wt::Form)

Classes that handle the Dbo Forms. More...


class  Wt::Form::WFormDelegate< Wt::WString, void >
 Form delegate class for WString More...
class  Wt::Form::WFormDelegate< std::string, void >
 Form delegate class for std::string More...
class  Wt::Form::WFormDelegate< Wt::WDate, void >
 Form delegate class for WDate More...
class  Wt::Form::WFormDelegate< Wt::WTime, void >
 Form delegate class for WTime More...
class  Wt::Form::WFormDelegate< Wt::WDateTime, void >
 Form delegate class for WDateTime More...
class  Wt::Form::WFormDelegate< bool, void >
 Form delegate class for boolean More...
class  Wt::Form::WFormDelegate< int, void >
 Form delegate class for integer More...
class  Wt::Form::WFormDelegate< double, void >
 Form delegate for double More...
class  Wt::Form::Dbo::FormModel< C >
 A model class to represent database objects. More...
class  Wt::Form::Dbo::FormModelBase
 A model class keeping information about database columns that are to be used in the model/view logic. More...
class  Wt::Form::Dbo::FormView< C >
 A view class to represent database objects. More...
class  Wt::Form::WAbstractFormDelegate
 Abstract delegate class for creating form widgets. More...


enum class  Wt::Form::Dbo::FieldOptions { Wt::Form::Dbo::ExcludeForeignKeys = 0x1 }
 Configuration option for database fields. More...

Detailed Description

Classes that handle the Dbo Forms.

This module allows Wt to automatically generate a form for a Dbo class. Based on the data types that are used within the Dbo class, Wt will generate form delegates. These form delegates are responsible for creating the widget, creating an optional validator, and making sure that the data is correctly loaded in and from the model. For example: WString objects are by default represented by a WLineEdit, WDate objects by WDateEdit and so on.

The user is able to override the default behavior one of three ways:

  1. By customizing the widget and/or validator generated by Wt
    See also
    Wt::Form::Dbo::FormView<C>::customizeFormWidget, Wt::Form::Dbo::FormView<C>::customizeValidator
  2. By creating a new form delegate for a specific field and adding it to the view
    See also
  3. By specializing a form delegate for a specific type (like an enum)
    See also

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ FieldOptions

Configuration option for database fields.

When adding all database fields for a particular table to the model, the below configuration options can be passed to the function.

See also

Foreign keys (pointers and collections) will be excluded.