Class WCssTheme

public class WCssTheme extends WTheme
CSS-based theme support. This implements the classic JWt themes, which were available before theme support was customized with the addition of the WTheme class.

The following table shows which style classes are applied by this theme.

WAbstractItemView * .Wt-itemview
.Wt-itemview .Wt-headerdiv the header container
.Wt-itemview .Wt-header the header
.Wt-itemview .Wt-header .Wt-label a header label
.Wt-itemview .Wt-header .Wt-label a header label
.Wt-itemview .Wt-tv-rh resize handle
.Wt-itemview .Wt-tv-sh sort handle
.Wt-itemview .Wt-tv-sh-none sort handle, unsorted
.Wt-itemview .Wt-tv-sh-down sort handle, descending sort
.Wt-itemview .Wt-tv-sh-up sort handle, ascending sort
.Wt-itemview .Wt-selected selected item (or row)
.Wt-itemview .Wt-spacer spacer (briefly visible during scrolling)
WAbstractSpinBox .Wt-spinbox (for the HTML4 implementation)
WCalendar * .Wt-cal
.Wt-cal table.d1 the table (single letter days)
.Wt-cal table.d3 the table (three letter days)
.Wt-cal table.dlong the table (ful day names)
.Wt-cal th.caption a caption cell (containing month/year navigation)
.Wt-cal th week day header cell
.Wt-cal td day cell
.Wt-cal-oom out-of-month day
.Wt-cal-oom out-of-range day (ray < bottom or day > top)
.Wt-cal-sel selected day
.Wt-cal-now today
WDateEdit .Wt-dateedit
.Wt-datepicker the popup
WDatePicker .Wt-datepicker the popup
WDialog .Wt-dialog the dialog
.Wt-dialog .closeicon the close icon in the titlebar
.Wt-dialog .titlebar the titlebar
.Wt-dialog .body the dialog body
.Wt-dialog .footer the dialog footer
WMenuItem .item an unselected item
.itemselected a selected item
.item.Wt-closable a closable item
.item.Wt-separator a separator item
.item.Wt-sectheader a section header item
.item .Wt-icon the item's icon
.item .Wt-chkbox the item's checkbox
.item .closeicon the item's close icon
WMessageBox .Wt-dialog see supra (WDialog)
WPanel .Wt-panel
.Wt-panel .titlebar the titlebar
.Wt-panel .body the body
WPopupMenu .Wt-popupmenu the popup menu; for the items, see supra (WMenuItem)
WPopupWidget .Wt-outset
WProgressBar .Wt-progressbar
.Wt-progressbar .Wt-pgb-bar the bar
.Wt-progressbar .Wt-pgb-label the value label
WPushButton .Wt-btn
WSlider * .Wt-slider-h or .Wt-slider-v for horizontal or vertical slider
.Wt-slider-[hv] .Wt-slider-bg background element
.Wt-slider-[hv] .fill fill to the current value
.Wt-slider-[hv] .handle the slider handle
.Wt-slider-[hv] .Wt-w an additional element for styling
.Wt-slider-[hv] .Wt-e an additional element for styling
WSuggestionPopup .Wt-suggest
.Wt-suggest li an item
.Wt-suggest .active an active item
WTabWidget .Wt-tabs the header, which is a WMenu
WTableView * .Wt-tableview see supra (WAbstractItemView)
.Wt-tableview .Wt-contents the contents area
.Wt-tableview .Wt-contents .Wt-tv-c a contents cell
WTreeNode * .Wt-tree a tree node
.Wt-tree.Wt-trunk a trunk node
.Wt-tree.Wt-end an end node (last node within parent)
.Wt-tree ul children list
.Wt-tree .Wt-ctrl collapse/expand control
.Wt-tree .Wt-ctrl.expand expand control
.Wt-tree .Wt-ctrl.collapse collapse control
.Wt-tree .Wt-ctrl.noexpand an item that cannot be expanded
.Wt-tree .Wt-selected a selected node
.Wt-tree .Wt-label the label
WTreeView * .Wt-treeview see supra (WAbstractItemView)
.Wt-treeview ul a node
.Wt-treeview ul.Wt-tv-root the root node
.Wt-treeview .Wt-tv-row a row of additional cells
.Wt-treeview .Wt-trunk a trunk node
.Wt-treeview .Wt-end an end node (last node within parent)
.Wt-treeview .Wt-ctrl collapse/expand control
.Wt-treeview .Wt-ctrl.expand expand control
.Wt-treeview .Wt-ctrl.collapse collapse control
.Wt-treeview .Wt-ctrl.noexpand an item that cannot be expanded

* CSS selectors for these widgets are currently still hard-coded in the widget itself.

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  • Constructor Details

    • WCssTheme

      public WCssTheme(String name)

      Creates a classic JWt theme. JWt comes with two CSS themes: "polished" and default. For the bootstrap theme, use WBootstrapTheme.

  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
      Description copied from class: WTheme
      Returns a theme name.

      Returns a unique name for the theme. This name is used by the default implementation of getResourcesUrl() to compute a location for the theme's resources.

      Specified by:
      getName in class WTheme
    • getStyleSheets

      public List<WLinkedCssStyleSheet> getStyleSheets()
      Returns the stylesheets.

      Returns wt.css, plus on IE wt_ie.css, plus on IE6 wt_ie6.css. The style sheets are located in the theme directory in the resources folder.

      Specified by:
      getStyleSheets in class WTheme
    • apply

      public void apply(WWidget widget, WWidget child, int widgetRole)
      Description copied from class: WTheme
      Applies the theme to a child of a composite widget.

      The widgetRole indicates the role that child has within the implementation of the widget.

      Specified by:
      apply in class WTheme
    • apply

      public void apply(WWidget widget, DomElement element, int elementRole)
      Description copied from class: WTheme
      Applies the theme to a DOM element that renders a widget.

      The element is a rendered representation of the widget, and may be further customized to reflect the theme.

      Specified by:
      apply in class WTheme
    • getDisabledClass

      public String getDisabledClass()
      Returns a generic CSS class name for a disabled element.

      The CSS class Wt-disabled is applied to disabled classes.

      Specified by:
      getDisabledClass in class WTheme
    • getActiveClass

      public String getActiveClass()
      Returns a generic CSS class name for an active element.

      The CSS class Wt-selected is applied to active classes.

      Specified by:
      getActiveClass in class WTheme
    • utilityCssClass

      public String utilityCssClass(int utilityCssClassRole)
      Description copied from class: WTheme
      Returns a generic CSS class name for the chosen role.
      Specified by:
      utilityCssClass in class WTheme
    • isCanStyleAnchorAsButton

      public boolean isCanStyleAnchorAsButton()
      Returns whether the theme allows for an anchor to be styled as a button.

      Returns false.

      Specified by:
      isCanStyleAnchorAsButton in class WTheme
    • applyValidationStyle

      public void applyValidationStyle(WWidget widget, WValidator.Result validation, EnumSet<ValidationStyleFlag> styles)
      Description copied from class: WTheme
      Applies a style that indicates the result of validation.
      Specified by:
      applyValidationStyle in class WTheme
    • canBorderBoxElement

      public boolean canBorderBoxElement(DomElement element)
      Specified by:
      canBorderBoxElement in class WTheme